Wix Oil Vaporizer Kit

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Wix features an all borosilicate heating chamber that delivers smooth hits with ultra-crisp flavor. Includes black ceramic mouthpiece that allows easy and comfortable puffs.

  • Zirconia Mouthpiece
  • Pure Ceramic Heating Coil
  • Replaceable Atomizer
  • 3 Pre-setting Temperature
  • 10 seconds Pre-heating
  • Compliant 510 Threading
  • Type-C charging


Introducing The Wix Oil Vaporizer

Flowermate WIX is one of the original pen vaporizers using concentrate/wax/extraction. It is a sleek and compact vaporizer pen with pure ceramic heating coil and features three pre setting temperature- high, medium and low. The entire device is constructed of high quality materials and comes with a distinct black ceramic mouthpiece and borosilicate heating chamber. WIX supports type C charging, 350mAh battery and 10 second pre heating that allows you to enjoy quick dabs anytime, anywhere.


10 seconds Pre-heating

Pure Ceramic Heating Coil

350mAh battery

Type-C charging

Zirconia Mouthpiece


Slide Flowermate WIX supports three temperature intervals and you can easily cycle through the settings by selecting your preferred mode to vape. 3 Temperature Set Mode
wix oil vaporizer temperature control

10 seconds Pre-Heating

Preheat Mode powers the WIX concentrate pen and make sure that the device is up and running for you to start using it.

Zirconia Mouthpiece

WIX features zirconia mouthpiece that offers pure flavor and smooth taste, making it 20x times more durable than other materials.

wix oil vaporizer ceramic mouthpiece
wix oil vaporizer type c charger

Type-C charging

WIX employs USB TYPE-C that can carry reliable power and faster transfer speed, thereby providing more stable performance, and secure charging.


Size 14.3mm*13.8mm*122.5mm
Capacity 350mAh
Standby Mode Power consumption <15μA
Load Load range: 0.5-0.8 Ω
Turn On/Off In standby mode, press the button to shut down 5 times within 2S, and the blue-green-red horse flashes once in order to prompt shutdown.
Tap Switching and Output In standby (power on) state, press the button for 3 times continuously for 1.5s to switch the gear, each time can only switch the gear once, blue-green-red-blue...Switch in turn.
First- blue: 3.3V; Second-green :3.6V; Third-red: 3.8V
Working Mode (Carrying/Smoking) Load detection (whether on or off): the current gear light of the load will shine once (duration: 300ms). On (standby), press the button not to release, press the current gear voltage output (the corresponding color light will be longer on display), release the button to stop the work immediately.
Timeout Timeout: the maximum working time is 15s, and the indicator light of timeout current status flashes 3 times quickly.
Low Power Protection The battery voltage under no load is less than 3.2V (the battery voltage under load is less than 2.8V). Press the button and it will not work, and the red light will flash 5 times.
Short Circuit Protection In case of short circuit of heating wire or low resistance value (< 0.6Ω should be protected), MOS will be automatically shut down to stop output to prevent burnt circuit board.
Charging 1. Type-C charging port.
2. 5V500mA/1A/2A input, 4.2±1%V current 450-500mA at the battery end.
3. You can smoke output when charging, priority to display the working gear light, do not smoke display charging indication.
Scintillation Period 250/250ms
Output Interface 510 Thread
Flowermate Cross Product Dimensions

Slide WIX includes pure ceramic heating coil that provides reliable and safe experience. Ceramic heating coil maximizes flavor and vapor production. Pure Ceramic
Heating Coil

What’s Included:

  • Clean Stick
  • Packing Tool
  • Mouthpiece Screen
  • Quick Guide
  • Usb C Cable
  • Wix
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