Beta Tester Volunteer Application

Thank you for sharing this amazing innovative ride with us! We’d love to hear your opinion and offer you an exclusive first look at some of Flowermate’s upcoming products. Enter your information below to be added to a list of potential beta testers for Flowermate’s upcoming products. Please read the rules before submitting your application.

Got a creative product idea? Share it with Flowermate and if we decide to move forward with it you will be granted $500.

Applicant Requirements

  1. Must be above 21 years old.
  2. Must be living in cannabis legalized countries or state.
  3. Application below filled with legitimate and accurate information.
  4. We will inform you by email if you were chosen to be our qualified testers.
  5. All Beta Testers will be required  to sign a standard non-disclosure agreement before admittance to the Beta Tester Program

Beta Tester Benefits

  1. Opportunity to test upcoming Flowermate products and offer your opinion.
  2. Beta testers get the chance to explore a brand new idea with Flowermate, by sharing your precious creative ideas, you will be granted $500 when your idea was taken and put into our product, besides, a free completed new product coming in the next!


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