About Us

Flowermate Technology is devoted to providing an utmost quality experience. Our line of Flowermate units are crafted to efficiently extract the most from your favorite herb blends while still providing an affordable and stylish device. Check out the Flowermate line of products to find the perfect unit for you. With over 10 different units to choose from you’re able to pick and choose the qualities that you want from an aromatherapy device. What are you waiting for? Browse today! Click here.

Continuing to focus on dry herb and concentrates over the years, Flowermate has been able to continuously push the technology of portable aromatherapy devices. With revolutionary designs like the Hybrid-X and the Flowermate V5.0s Pro, Flowermate continues to pave the way for units high in quality, are affordable, and portable.

Constantly trying to stay ahead of the industry, Flowermate is continuously working on improving and modifying our units in order to provide the best possible user experience. Join the Flowermate family today to be a part of the most contemporary technology on the market.