Conduction aromatherapy devices have been the standard of portable units for years. By keeping in mind the wants of the consumer, our team has developed a unit that is easy to use and crafted with finesse to meet your exact needs.

  • Non combustion aromatherapy device
  • Adjustable air flow
  • Fully isolated air path allows for pure and clean taste.
  • Built with the best medical grade materials
  • Power Bank Option
Light BlueLight BlueBlackBlack

What’s Included:

  • Borosilicate Glass
  • USB Rapid
    Charger Cable
  • 5 Mouthpiece and Chamber screens
  • Liquid/Waxy Pod
  • Dry Herb Pod
  • Maintenance Kit
    and Accessories

Fully Functional Temperature Control

Despite its compact design, the V5.0S mini still packs quite a punch and is capable of producing impressive amounts of vapor. The ceramic heater allows for even and consistent diffusion of the material.The Mini provides a pure and satisfying performance by combining an advanced conductive ceramic baking chamber and diffused airflow.

Powered by a high-capacity LG/Samsung Li-ion battery, the V5 Mini provides top quality performance paired with an impressive 2 hours of usage time per charge.The FlowerMate V5.0S Mini is configured to run at a (self-regulated) medium to high level temperature to prevent combustion at all times.
Many other devices cause dry herbs to combust and therefore destroy many of their key elements; the V5.0S Mini produces only pure vapor, without many of the harmful chemical compounds found in smoke.

The V5 Mini edition of the FlowerMate offers three preset temperatures: Blue-385℉ Purple-400℉ Red-415℉. The Flowermate’s screw-on glass mouthpiece can be stored in a compartment, making the Mini even smaller when not in use. Incredible battery life, ultra pocketable and brilliantly simple to operate – the FlowerMate V5.0S Mini is a true game changer.