Experience the power of full convection and sleek design with the Flowermate SWIFT PRO. Instead of heating your materials directly, our carefully crafted unit delivers heated air to the chamber resulting in a more flavorful taste.

  • Full Convection Heating
  • Interchangeable Chamber Wall
  • Isolated Heating Path
  • Temperature Control
  • USB Charger

What’s Included:

  • Chamber
    Removing Tool
  • USB Rapid
    Charger Cable
  • 5 Mouthpiece and Chamber screens
  • South America
    Chamber Wall
  • African Palisander
    Chamber Wall
  • Bamboo
    Chamber Wall
  • Borosilicate Glass
    Chamber Wall
  • Maintenance Kit
    and Accessories

Swift Pro- Full Convection Enables Full Flavor and Efficienciency

Conduction devices have been the standard of portable vaping for years. By keeping in mind the wants of the consumer, our team has developed a full convection device that acts upon the power of heated chamber. The Swift Pro preserves the taste of your product by sending heated air through an isolated heating path, eliminating the carcinogens found during combustion.

Heated air rather than a heated chamber vaporizes your product. Customize the material of your chamber with stainless steel or glass, to enhance your convection experience. Airpath on the Swift Pro is isolated, eliminating any electronic taste. Single digit temperature control from 140°F -446°F or 60°C -230°C. Charge on the go or at home with micro USB charging.